Maria Calderon

Practice Manager

Maria has been in the Veterinary industry for more than 12 years. She attended a volunteer program that was provided by her High School called ROP, in helping out the community but also showing helping them in the future the responsibilities of life. Since then she loved the being in the field and moved herself up with dedication and love her career in the Veterinary industry. A few of her responsibilities as our Practice Manager consist of making sure our hospital equipment is functioning accurately and properly, assisting our Doctors ,Technicians and Receptionist in the examination, treatment rooms, lobby area, office work and helping with all Client Communication and Supervising our employees to make sure everyone is comfortable, happy, and most importantly, safe!

One thing most people wouldn’t know about me?
“Her original plans for her career where to work in the Law Enforcement Department as a K9 Officer”

Cathy Coelho

Office Manager

I am the Office Manager for our Offices, True Blue Veterinary Hospital and Apricot Veterinary Clinic. I have been in the veterinary field for over 16 yrs. Over the years my family has had various animals, dogs’, cats, cows, pigs, chickens, and a few goats from time to time. Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t have any animals, our last one passed away at the young age of 12 years old. I am fluent in Portuguese and Spanish along with our English. I grew up in the country and that is where I found the love and passion, I have for the animals that we work with. It is always a pleasure to work with your 4 legged children. I don’t mind taking a few extra minutes to talk with a client about their concerns or issues with their patients. When I am not working at the office. I love to read, garden and sew. Most of all I love spending time with my family and am very proud to be a grandmother. So please don’t hesitate to ask for me if you have any issues or need to have someone help you in your language. Fala-se Portuges or Habla Espanol and of course English.

One thing most people wouldn’t know about me?
“Life is a book of chapters; you close one and open another. At night I secretly end a chapter and start a new one the following morning.”

Veterinary Technicians

Veronica Torres

Technical Manager

Hi! My name is Veronica Torres and I’ve been doing what I love for the past 19 years; helping and caring for animals. Not many people can say that, I’m one of the few that can!
When not at work, I spend my time keeping up with my sport loving boyfriend and our two furry kids. I also spend time with my energetic, fun, loving niece or volunteering at her school. Family is important to me and I enjoy spending time and hanging out with my siblings, cousins, and friends.

On my spare time you can find me relaxing reading a good book or out enjoying new place to eat.

One thing most people wouldn’t know about me?
“I did some modeling at the age of 13. Even though it was fun, it just wasn’t for me!”

Melissa Boyer

Veterinary Technician

Hi, I am Melissa. I have been a Vet Tech for 16 years since I first started schooling at Western Career College in 2003 at the San Leandro California campus. I look forward to becoming an RVT in my near future.

When not at work I am busy at home with my 3 preteens and soon, a newborn! I can’t forget about my four-legged babies, Ginger my 7 yr old Vizsla mix, Buddy my 3 yr old Bichon mix, Baby my 6 yr old Grey Tabby, JoJo my 4 yr old Siamese and Pretty Girl my 6 yr old Rabbit! All rescued I might add.

Last but not least I still have my pet sitting home care business TLC Pet Sitting, I offer locally here in Patterson.

I look forward to seeing you, and helping you and your pet’s at one of our hospitals.

One thing most people wouldn’t know about me?
“I have a sixth sense….”

Erika de la Roca

Veterinary Assistant

Hi everyone!

Hi! My name is Erika. I’ve lived in Newman since I was 5 years old, although I briefly lived in modesto while completing the veterinary technician program at MJC. I have been in the veterinary field as a technician for just over 4 years and couldn’t have asked for a better career. I had no idea that it would bring so much more happiness to my life than I thought was possible. When I’m not in the clinic, I love to spend my time painting and being outdoors.

One thing most people wouldn’t know about me?
“I am 50% Guatemalan and 25% Chinese”

Ashley Frenchi

Veterinary Technician

My passions for animals lead me to this career over 14 years ago. I’ve worked with numerous species in emergency hospitals to routine practices.
When I’m not helping save precious fur babies, I enjoy being outdoors going on adventures and snapping photos. I enjoy all aspects of art really. I also acrylic paint and love doing varies craft projects.
If for some reason I’m not outdoors, you can catch me watching a good Sci-Fi movie or reality TV show with my 2 cats. I’m definitely a cat lady and proud!

Amayrani Martinez

Veterinary Technician

Mayra is a veterinary technician who stared her career when she was still in high school. She always knew what she wanted to do, on 2018 she was giving the opportunity to do what she loves in Banfield Pet hospital as a veterinary assistant, Mayra had to move and in 2019 once again she was offered a position in True blue Veterinary Hospital and Apricot veterinary clinic as a veterinary technician. Mayra’s passion is to help all animals; she loves to learn new things so she can be better for them and be more prepared. Mayra has a beautiful 2 year old daughter and with her husband they have 2 dogs named Baloo and Bonita, 1 chinchilla,1 Parrot and 5 red ear turtles also a 50 gal fish tank. Mayra enjoys to work in this field and loves all kinds of animals, every day she goes to work she knows that she chose the right career that is where she belongs and that is where she wants to be.

Blanca Travez

Veterinary Technician

Blanca is a registered veterinary technician and has been working in the veterinary field for almost 10 years. She strives to provide excellent veterinary care through client education and nursing care. Her understanding nature and compassion makes her an asset to the team. She enjoys spending time with her family and caring for her 2 dogs, 2 rabbits and a turquoise Green Cheek Conure!

Veterinary Assistants

Deyanira Guerrero

Veterinary Assistant

Hello my name is Deyanira. But at school and work I go by Dey. Born and raised in Patterson all my life. I graduated from Patterson high school. I have always had a passion for animals ever since I was a little girl. I am currently enrolled in Modesto junior college in the veterinary technician program. My goal is to be a veterinary technician or a registered veterinary technician. I started as an intern at true blue but a couple months ago and was recently blessed with the opportunity to be part of this team as a veterinary assistant. My current duties are to take care of the boarding patients and maintaining their facilities and help with anything that is needed around the office while learning what it takes to be a Vet tech firsthand from my experienced co-workers.

One thing most people don’t know about me
I come from a big family 5 sister one brother a total of 7 kids, and now that my older sisters are married 7 nieces and nephews with one baby on the way.


Melanie Braun


My name is Melanie Braun and I am one of the receptionists who greet you and I help manage our Facebook page. I have been working here for a year and a half and I love my job!

I have lived in Newman for 27 years. I have been married to my husband, Greg, for 26 years and we have a son, Joseph, who is a firefighter and our daughter, Maggie, is a special effects makeup artist.

In my spare time, I am an actress for a local community theatre group at the Westside theatre in Newman. I also enjoy baking and making jams. I try to keep everyone in the office full with the goodies that I make at home.

I have always had a love of animals and I am so fortunate to work with them on a daily basis. At home, I have 2 dogs and a chicken named Matilda, who not only lays one egg a day but also provides hours of entertainment (cluck, cluck).

One thing most people wouldn’t know about me?
“At night, I’m secretly a ninja :)”

Monce Barajas


Hi Everyone!

My name is Monce Barajas. I was born in Mexico and came to the US at the age of 6. I have lived and grown up in Modesto ever since. I’ve always had a heart for helping others and loved doing it. My love for animals has always been present in my life, but since starting work here it has grown. I’ve learned a lot these past 2 years working here, and I very grateful. About a year ago I became an owner of an 8-year-old poodle, Luna, who acts like a bunny because instead of running she hops. My motto has always been “Lo ago porque puedo, puedo porque quiero, y quiero porque dijeron que no podia.”

Itzel Salas


My name is Itzel, and I recently moved up to Newman from Orange County. While living in OC I was blessed to have had the opportunity of being apart of the VCA West Coast Team. VCA West Coast is a veterinary hospital that offers services such as specialties and emergency. It is located in Fountain Valley, CA, and is the very first Veterinary Clinic I worked for.

As a little girl I’ve always known I wanted to build a career in the veterinary field, but being apart of an emergency hospital helped me find my passion; Emergency and Critical Care. Our day to day consisted of being on our toes and making sure we made the right call based on the urgency of the situation. It taught me what to look for, and how to look for the signs our furry loved ones give us when they’re sick.

Moving up to Newman was a very big change for me but I sure am ecstatic to continue my journey in working with your four-legged babies here at True Blue.

My plans for the future consist of school in hopes that one day I can achieve my goal in becoming a doctor in the veterinary field that specializes in emergency and critical care.

Fun fact:
I have 2 dogs who are oddly mixed breeds. Oden who is a 6yr old, dachshund/pitbull mix & Buddy who is an 8yr old German Shepherd/ Chihuahua mix.


Stacey Earl

Stacey has been grooming dogs for over 20 years. She had out industry education at the forefront of her career and combined that with her passion for the health and well-being of Animals into the certified holistic pet professional she is today. She is thrilled to be part of True Blue Veterinary Team and looks forward to working with your pets to help them look and feel their best.